Month: November 2019


Metabank car loan calculator – instant loan online

Start the calculation and you will receive your individual monthly rate directly. Metabank offers a relatively high degree of flexibility in terms of credit. On the product side, an interactive calculator shows how the amount of the loan and the term affect the monthly rate. Anyone seeking a installment loan from Metabank Bank will most […]


Corporate Car Tax Calculator

Want a calculator to calculate your company car tax? With this calculator you can calculate what tax you get by having a company car. The calculator takes into account the age of the car, how far you drive in the profession, and what income you have. This applies in principle for the tax years 2006 […]


A car loan with special repayment is a good thing

Many banks, but especially the automotive industry, carry a car loan with special repayment in their assortment. The term special repayment can be interpreted in two ways: an unscheduled (partial) repayment of the loan or the full repayment by means of a late-installment repayment rate, as is the case with many car loans. The first […]